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Corporate Laughter Sessions

I would love to come and laugh with you and your staff.

Fotolia_54603281_XS.jpgLaughter switches off the left thinking brain allowing unconditional laughter and childlike playfulness. When we are happy, more people want to be with us and therefore we have better chances of communicating and more important, people listening. We are less likely to be critical and relate to a wider range of people.

Companies have found that it is ideal to use Laughter to start each day or as an ice breaker at the beginning of a training session or an excellent way of changing the atmosphere between the more serious topics at training days and conferences. The playful exercises set to laughter help the imagination to flow, boosting creativity. Just what Executives need!

Sessions are tailored to your business.
Sessions include Neurobics, (these cross brain exercises act as a mental workout), deep breathing (disease cannot grow in an oxygenated body) laughter exercises, and relaxation.

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