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Zestnlife Stress Workshop

iStock_000011310761_Small.jpg9.30am – 4.30pm

Workshop identifies the types of stress and practical ways to alleviate it. 
Participants will get to know many solutions to match with different situations and learn ways to improve their ability to cope with events in their life.  
Cost $250

Wellness Programmes

Option 1:  Guided assistance looking at the steps for you to achieve Zest in Life.  This is a 10 month programme looking at all aspects of your lifestyle. There is no boot camp and no supplements involved.Be gently guided through the various areas of your life.  There will be weekly meetings for the first month and then monthly appointments with regular phone calls to keep in touch.

Option 2: Learn how to laugh.  ZestnLife works with individuals and groups of people to teach them how to laugh for no reason other than to feel the inner joy.

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