ZestnLife Wellness Mentoring

Do you want to put ZEST into your Life with Wellness Mentoring?

Kinesiology Training.

Looking for a career path?

Wanting better health for yourself and family?

Sabotage Clearing to enhance goals

Vision - on all levels.


Salespeople make more sales when they laugh?

Half day workshops show you how to laugh no matter what.

Sabatage Clearing.  What is it that is holding you back.

Wellness Programmes

Option 1:  Guided assistance along the path to wellness..  This is a 10 month programme looking at all aspects of your lifestyle. No bootcamp, no supplements.

Option 2: Learn how to laugh.  ZestnLife works with individuals and groups of people to teach them how to laugh for no reason other than to feel the inner joy.

Wellness Wednesdays.  

Held on Wednesday evenings and cover various aspects of Wellness.  It is a 12 week programme covering many topics to help you take control of your own health.  Come to one or come to them all. 

Kinesiology Classes

Regular workshops to teach the Kinesiology skills Classes and workshops are fun and easy to learn.

Looking for a Career Path as a Natural Therapist?

Kinesiology Classes are part of the programme to be registered with the International Kinesiology College and to be registered as a member of the New Zealand Natural Health Practitioners.  Please ask for the study requirements. 

ZestnLife Clinic

Book in for a regular session for relaxation, deal with stress, aches and pains, lethargy, depression, difficulty sleeping, Sabatoge Clearing and more.

Putting Zest into your Life!