Our Laughter Therapy Services

At ZestnLife, whether you need Improved Breathing and Better Moods,

help with Insomnia, Depression, Stress, Lethargy, Short of Breathe,

Or are looking for Inner Joy, Happiness and Energy, we've got you covered.  

We work with our customers throughout the Auckland region to ensure that they get zest back into their lives!

Laughter Empowers - Laughter is the best medicine!

Learn how to laugh for no reason and to breathe deeply to bring about a great feeling of wellbeing. 
No sense of humour is necessary.

How does it work?

Laughter, both fake and real, and deep breathing have many health benefits. 
Laughter is created by exhaling.  Movement, while laughing, increases the rate of carbon dioxide expelled from the lungs allowing more oxygen in. Our words describe our behaviours and by “feeling down” or being “up” is often what is happening in the body. If we shallow breathe, our chests are flattened and we are down, deep breathing expands the chest and lifts it up making us feel ‘up’. 

According Dr William Fry, 10 minutes of laughter is equivalent to 30 minutes on a rowing machine.

So what can we help you with? Take a look at our main services below...


How improved Breathing and Laughter helps.

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Corporate Laughter Sessions

We would love to come and laugh with you and your staff.

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Laughter Coaching

ZestnLife Laughter Coaching for One-on-One, Family or Groups.

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Laughter Clubs

Come and join one of our Laughter Clubs throughout the Auckland region.

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Zestnlife Stress Workshop

The ZestnLife Stress Workshop identifies the types of stress and practical ways to alleviate it.

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Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays are evening sessions on a variety of interesting topics. There may be occasional sessions run by a commercial enterprise but they are for information only and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase. 

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