Laughter Empowers


Is something holding you back from
attaining your goals?

ZestnLife can help by putting the zest back into your life!

Are you feeling Tired, Stressed, Clicking or Clenched Jaw, Depressed, Aches and Pains, Difficulty Sleeping, Lethargic?

Then ZestnLife can help you get Vitality, Laughter, Vibrancy, Wellness, Emotions, Goals, and Tranquility back into your life!

ZestnLife runs a clinic and teaching facility to find a healthy way to inner joy and optimum health. 

Why Use Us?


enhances wellness by checking the energy flow through the body

Courses in Touch for Health Kinesiology, RESET (Jaw balances), ZestnLife Stress Workshop and Wellness discussions are available in the Inspiration Room on Auckland’s North Shore.
The Touch for Health Kinesiology courses are internationally recognised and can lead to a professional qualification if required.  

Classes are fun and material is presented in an easy format for all to learn

Read more about Kinesiology.

Laughter Therapy

is breathing deeply

It expresses joy, and is something we are born with, it costs nothing to laugh and yet many find it a difficult thing to do.  It is the best medicine.

Read more about Breathing deeper and Laughter Therapy.

Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays are evening sessions on a variety of interesting topics.

See Events for the topics and to book.

ZestnLife Stress Workshop

Learn about how stress affects your health and practical easy ways of dealing with it.

Find out more about our Stress Workshop.

Putting Zest into your Life!